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Consultants now spend more time designing for all kinds of smart buildings. Whether your clients buildings are where people will work, live or play, they need a scalable platform to meet their evolving needs. That’s where Brivo can help. As the global leader in cloud-based physical security solutions, our platform is the right solution for every type of property.

Modern commercial properties require new thinking around access control. The COVID pandemic has made physical security more important than ever. According to CBRE, 73% of organizations expect to offer more work choices for employees, but they agree physical space is still a requirement. Brivo offers a full suite of products that connect to a comprehensive ecosystem of commercial real estate and work management solutions to find the right solution for your customer’s properties.

The Brivo enterprise solution protects 70,000 business locations around the world. This enables you to design and implement a physical security platform for your enterprise customers that is a dynamic, scalable, data-driven, mobile-ready solution which satisfies the most stringent compliance and IT requirements. With integrations across security, administrative and identity solution ecosystems, you can make you and your customer’s life easier by specifying Brivo.


Brivo helps create modern, smart and secure multifamily communities through one holistic solution. From common areas, to unit access and in-unit automation, we’ve got your customers covered. Our multifamily solution helps you modernize access and give residents the amenities they want so that your customers can not only attract new residents, but also streamline their operations with a holistic automation and security solution from a single vendor to future-proof their investment by differentiating their property.

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