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The possibilities are endless with the Brivo API

Proptech is Built on Brivo

The Brivo API was built for developers and technology partners to extend their reach and reap the benefits of a unified enterprise solution. The API has been leveraged to enable connections with a variety of third-party applications.

Expand your client's physical security benefits with the open Brivo API. Learn how the integrations below help your clients leverage systems they’re already using to add more value to their technology stacks and achieve better security with less work. Through the Brivo API they can optimize mobile convenience, deliver better visitor experiences and create an ecosystem of building automation solutions.

API Integrations

Remotely view live and recorded video from multiple facilities
and locations.

Elevator Control
Control your elevator access points with destination dispatch functionality.

Visitor Management
Manage guests and deliveries while creating a welcoming, secure environment.

Offer complete resident access from the lobby to the common areas to the apartment.

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